15 Jan 2018

Aputure 120D – Great Daylight Balanced Light

The Aputure 120D is a great light.  There are a ton of reviews out there on this light and after reading and watching what others had to say, I was eager to get my hands on it. Pros Daylight Balanced:  Its SOOOOOOOOO nice having a daylight balanced light.  We’ve been using tungsten lights for years, they’re cheap and versatile, but for interviews where there is natural daylight in the scene, they don’t play well with the sun.  Gelling is a […]

27 Nov 2017

Sin City BMW 73 BMW 2002 Restoration – Phase III

Our friends over at Sin City BMW have done it again with a full rebuild of a 1973 BMW 2002 restoration for one of their special clients.  Sin City BMW owner, Chris Willett, takes us through the incredible rebuild process from start to finish (we’ve had the pleasure of filming this from the beginning of the restoration).  What I love about Chris and his team is their passion for these old cars.  Whenever possible, they’re restoring original parts, keeping the […]

11 Nov 2017

Thor (Ragnarok) Vs Wonder Woman (Justice League) | Found Footage!

We’ve teamed up again with the amazingly talented Ismahawk for a new super hero piece, “Thor (Ragnarok) Vs Wonder Woman (Justice League) | Found Footage!”  Danny Shepard and Jeremy Le were the driving force behind this piece, I’m thoroughly impressed with the amount of pre-planning that went into this one.  It was set up to be a found footage, single take shot, from start to finish.  To just pull that off is something, but to do it as well as […]

27 Oct 2017

Shana and Edwina Are On National Television! A&E’s Storage Wars!

Our very own Shana Dahan and her best friend Edwina Registre are premiering on national television this coming November 8th at 9:00pm Pacific time!  The dynamic duo have landed reoccurring cast member roles on A&E‘s hit show “Storage Wars” and we couldn’t be prouder of them.  Check out the behind the scenes teaser we created for them here: The two ladies have been working tirelessly towards something like this for the past 5 years, filming, photographing and editing content for […]

23 Oct 2017

USO Challenge a Troop 5K – 2017

Support the Troops!  This year was the 3rd year for the Annual “Challenge a Troop” 5K/1K and Military Family Day put on by the USO.  As usual, Our Eventure, the event planning company, did an amazing job coordinating and organizing the event.  They had a rock climbing wall, bouncy houses, musical performances, all in addition to a beautiful race course.  It was a great day for everyone, we’re proud to be a part of it.

13 Oct 2017

Black Raven Films – It Begins With a Story

We’ve growing!  We’ve been blessed with a ton of new projects over the last year, having entirely too much fun working on them all.  As such, we thought it only necessary to highlight a bit of our work in a new promotional video for Black Raven Films.  I want to personally thank all of our clients for their continued support and trust in us.  It’s been great working with you.  Take a watch and let us know what you think. […]

06 Oct 2017

Home Highlight Tours – Pulte Homes

In the world of real estate, video is an incredibly useful tool to help sell a property.  It can bring a property alive, giving a client an immersive experience that a 2 dimensional photo just can’t do.  Pulte Homes asked us to do a series of highlight videos for several of their properties here in town.  If you’re in the market for a new home, these are definitely worth checking out.      

08 Sep 2017

Seether Concert – Fremont Street Experience

We’ve had a great summer filming Fremont Street Experience’s summer concert series, “Downtown Rocks: One Louder.”  Below is a video of Seether rocking it on a sweltering Las Vegas night with a jam packed crowd.  These concerts are a blast to film and photograph, we typically get a chance to meet the band and be onstage for a bit.  There’s something totally enlivening about backstage passes, yeah there is a job to do, but haven’t you always wanted to get […]

27 Aug 2017

Proper Audio Setup Tutorial – Sound Device 633 and Sennheiser EW100 G3

Proper audio setup is key to any production, yet there are so many opinions out there on how to do it.  We had the chance to talk to the manufacturers at Sound Device and Sennheiser on how to best set up our audio system and we wanted to share what we found out.  This video walks you through the proper settings for the Sound Device 633 and the Sennheiser EW100 G3 to get the best sound out of the equipment.  […]

17 Apr 2017

New Years Eve 2016

2016 was a great year for us!  We continue to grow our client list and continue to learn how to do this “production” thing better and better.  To cap off 2016 we got to work Fremont Street Experience on New Years Eve, and what an experience it was! We had multiple photographers and videographers working the event, and I personally got to do a fun 1st person POV project that night.  People gave me the oddest looks wearing my custom […]