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08 Sep 2017

Seether Concert – Fremont Street Experience

We’ve had a great summer filming Fremont Street Experience’s summer concert series, “Downtown Rocks: One Louder.”  Below is a video of Seether rocking it on a sweltering Las Vegas night with a jam packed crowd.  These concerts are a blast to film and photograph, we typically get a chance to meet the band and be onstage for a bit.  There’s something totally enlivening about backstage passes, yeah there is a job to do, but haven’t you always wanted to get […]

27 Aug 2017

Proper Audio Setup Tutorial – Sound Device 633 and Sennheiser EW100 G3

Proper audio setup is key to any production, yet there are so many opinions out there on how to do it.  We had the chance to talk to the manufacturers at Sound Device and Sennheiser on how to best set up our audio system and we wanted to share what we found out.  This video walks you through the proper settings for the Sound Device 633 and the Sennheiser EW100 G3 to get the best sound out of the equipment.  […]

17 Apr 2017

New Years Eve 2016

2016 was a great year for us!  We continue to grow our client list and continue to learn how to do this “production” thing better and better.  To cap off 2016 we got to work Fremont Street Experience on New Years Eve, and what an experience it was! We had multiple photographers and videographers working the event, and I personally got to do a fun 1st person POV project that night.  People gave me the oddest looks wearing my custom […]

31 Oct 2016

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Three’s Company and 39 other Costume Ideas – The Shana and Edwina Show!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!  Still looking for costume ideas? Check out our friends, Shana and Edwina, over at Thrifters Anonymous, they’ve put together a ton of DIY costume ideas including this gem from “Three’s Company.” Shana and Edwina have a YouTube channel where they go shopping at local thrifts stores and blog about.  For their Halloween special this year, they’ve compiled over 40 great costume ideas that they found at local thrift stores.  They were also featured on KTNV Channel 13 Las […]

29 Sep 2016

Pulte Homes – Vistara

Pulte!  Man they make some beautiful homes.  We were asked to create a community overview for Pulte Home’s newest development, Vistara.   Lots of fun making this one, we hope you like it.  If you are in the neighborhood looking for a new house, this is a community you should definitely check out. VISTARA by Pulte Homes The Cliffs Village is the newest expansion of the renowned Summerlin master-plan, situated among the dramatic mesas of the Southwest valley. Owners at […]

15 Aug 2016

New Commercial! Lee’s Discount Liquor and Alien Tequila!

We had so much fun producing this piece!  Mr. Lee and Kenny Lee were absolute gems to work with, I’ve seen these guys on TV and billboards for years and it was an honor to produce a commercial for them.  Huge shootout to Rebecca Chavez and London Mace for their great work on this spot, also special thanks to Ib Gillette for his help on the 3D modeling.  Look out for the commercial on Las Vegas TV; it should start […]

19 Jul 2016

PolarPro ND/PL Filter vs DJI ND Filter – Phantom 4

PolarPro ND8/PL Filter (Cinema Series: Vivid) vs DJI ND8 Filter.  We purchased the PolarPro Cinema Series: Vivid collection of filters for our Phantom 4 drone.  After some basic tinkering with the PP filters, we got some great images. That said, we noticed a tint to the image and wanted to compare these to other filters to see how they performed.  We purchased the DJI ND8 and compared it to the PolarPro ND8/PL filter, the results are surprising. The biggest takeaway […]

15 Jul 2016


High School is tough.  You’re trying to figure out what life is about, how to pass that math test, and how to avoid the jerk in gym class.  High school’s not easy, but it’s damn near impossible when you don’t have a place to sleep at night. In Las Vegas, there are over 6,000 kids that are either homeless or severely disadvantaged. NEW VIDEO: Project 150 – High School is Tough Enough It’s why Project 150 was created.  Their mission […]

13 Jun 2016

Goodwill of Southern Nevada – 20th Anniversary

We recently got the chance to work again with Goodwill of Southern Nevada for their Annual Community Awards Luncheon.  As part of the event, they played several videos that highlight individuals who have worked with them over the past year.  The stories these people tell are amazing, illustrating the value and impact Goodwill has on the community.  Goodwill’s mission is to get people back to work and they continue to do an incredible job here in Las Vegas. In addition, […]

13 Apr 2015

NAB 2015! I met Emm from CheesyCam!

Holy Toledo!  I love NAB!  The fact that I live in Las Vegas where NAB happens every year is like Christmas in April, a 20 minute drive to the convention center and I’m surrounded by 100,000 people, all geeking out over this video stuff.  I love it.  The other thing I love about NAB is that I get to meet some of my heroes in the industry. This year I got to meet and speak with Emm from Cheesycam.  Emm […]