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Adam Kilbourn


Adam Kilbourn is the Owner and President of Black Raven Films. Originally from Fairbanks, Alaska, Adam has lived in Las Vegas for the past two decades. Starting Black Raven Films in 2009, Adam’s passion for creating beautiful images is what drives him to continue growing as a filmmaker. He is married with a son, a dog and two cats

Baturay Tavkul

Director / Camera Operator

Growing up in a family of producers and directors, Baturay “Batu” Tavkul spent his early years in the business winning multiple awards for directing and cinematography in his native country of Turkey. Seeking new challenges, he moved to Las Vegas a few years ago and quickly established himself as a key member of the Black Raven Films family. Batu has a passion for film, he thinks outside the box and pushes our team to see things from a wholly different perspective. The end results speak for themselves, he has an eye for composition and creates beautiful images.

Justin Yadao

Camera Op, Drone Pilot, Editor

Justin Yadao is an amazing talent. Drone Pilot, videographer, photographer, editor, Justin has nearly 20 years of experience creating multimedia gems. When not flying a drone, you can find him filming drift races, nightclubs and concerts. His easy going nature and attention to detail make him a valued member of the Black Raven Films team.

Shana Dahan

Marketing / Fashionista

With a degree in Communications and an MBA, Shana headed up the Marketing department at Orgill/Singer and Associates for 5 years before joining the Black Raven Films Team. Excelling at storytelling and corporate messaging, Shana helps our clients stand out from their competitors. When she’s not working on client projects, Shana produces and stars in the hit shows “Thrifters Anonymous” and “Shana Emily” on YouTube.

Mat Ferrer

Filmmaker / Editor / Props

Mat Ferrer is a magician at making the mundane into a work of art. An accomplished props master in his own right, Mat is an editor, photographer, director and all around tech wizard that has proven himself too many times to count.

London Mace

Writer / Director / Multimedia Artist

London Mace is a Las Vegas local that has plenty of experience in the arts. Over his career, he has worked as a talented Musician, Photographer, Writer, Graphic Designer and wicked awesome Director. Whether it's creating a song, taking a picture, or directing a new film, London adds a variety of skills to the Black Raven Films.

Aaron Ortega

Writer / Stunt Coordinator

A martial arts expert and instructor at the Lohan School of Shaolin, Aaron has been coordinating fight and stunt sequences with us from the beginning. Following in the footsteps of his heroes Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee and Donnie Yen, Aaron brings his love of Kung Fu and the human form to all of our film making. "The skills of the fighters should be shown and celebrated, not hidden behind quick editing cuts," says Aaron. Each sequence is meticulously rehearsed and planned out, giving a polish and grace to the finished product.

Adam Zielinski

Director / Cinematographer

Born and raised in Reno, Nevada, Adam Zielinski has been making movies since the age of 16. A graduate from UNLV's film department with a Bachelor’s degree in Filmmaking, Zielinski has directed, shot, edited and crewed an enormous amount of work here in Las Vegas and around the country. With an eye towards efficiency and getting the job done right the first time, Zielinski is a valued member here at Black Raven Films.

Tre Wallace

Filmmaker / Drone Operator / Editor

Originally from Anchorage, Alaska, Tre has quickly made a name for himself in Las Vegas' world of video production. As a talented editor, shooter and licensed drone pilot, Tre brings his creativity and talent to the Black Raven Films team.