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Varaluz – Lightly Twisted

By October 12, 2014October 30th, 2014Videos


Lights, camera, Party Time!  Varaluz is an awesome custom lighting company here in Las Vegas that hired us to produce this cool commercial.  Their goal was to make a splash, something that would highlight there brand but not be the same boring stuff they’ve seen other lighting companies do.  We came up with several ideas, but this concept won out, the lights having a party when the owner leaves, ala the Bellagio fountains.  What was great about this was figuring out the process of wiring a house so that the installed lights would correspond with the music.  Turning switches on and off doesn’t quite work.  Our amazing and talented friend, Brett Bolton, at Space Cadets AV was brought on board to help bring this idea to life.

American DJ Cyber Pak

American DJ Cyber Pak

A couple of lighting boards (American DJ Cyber Pak) were used that could interface with a computer and the lights, everything was wired up, and the results are awesome.  My favorite moment was in the middle of shooting this when I asked Brett if he could slightly adjust the intensity of one of the lights and his response was, “I can make them do anything.”  I loved it because it meant we could design each of these lights to look and interact with a specific feel, versus what I thought I was going to get, which was just “on and off.”  I didn’t realize even I wanted that capability until I saw him do it once.  Very cool stuff.


Harmony Homes

A big shout out to our friends at Harmony Homes who allowed us to take over one of their model homes to shoot in.  These guys were amazing and incredibly gracious, and their homes are beautiful to boot.  Thank you guys, we appreciate it.




Adam Kilbourn 🙂