02 Jan 2014
01 Jan 2014

Tascam DR 680 Field Recorder Review & How I Power It

  Sound Equipment! Nothing is more important to video than good sound.   That sounds crazy, I know, but watch a video with crappy sound and notice how unhappy it makes you. You’ll watch a video with shaky video and terrible shots, but you’ll change the channel if you can’t hear what is going on. For a while now I’ve had the pleasure of owning the Tascam DR-680 Portable Field Recorder. I primarily bought it for the additional channels it gave […]

30 Dec 2013

Kietacam G1 Portable Jib Review

  Kietacam G1 Portable Jib Review.  I bought the Kietacam G1 Jib about 9 months ago and have been quite happy with it.  Here is a quick review of the Jib and some of its features.   Kietacam G1 Portable Jib http://kietacam.com/en/kietacam-g1-3/   Cheers,   Adam Kilbourn 🙂

29 Dec 2013

Naqvi Injury Law and the 14th Annual Chet Buchanan & the Morning Zoo Toy Drive

  We got to film a pretty amazing special event.  Every year, 98.5FM KLUC’s Chet Buchanan & The Morning Zoo do a massive toy drive to give toys to needy children here in Las Vegas.  If you drive past the location, you’ll see hundreds of bikes waiting for a special kid for Christmas.  This year, Naqvi Injury Law asked us to come out and film their office giving away a very special gift to the toy drive.  Naqvi and his […]

28 Dec 2013

Playing Ping Pong with Phil Mickelson

  I recently had the chance to be a part of a national Callaway Golf commercial shooting here in Las Vegas.  Callaway brought in 10 different pros to be a part of the three days worth of shooting, it was a massive project with more than 150 people on six different crews.  The shoot itself was a great project, I was the Props Master and I got to work with an amazing Director (Chris Stanford) and DP (Mark Williams).  The […]

21 Jun 2013

New Blog

Soooo, apparently you have to have a blog these days. Never been much of a writer, so these will be few and far between I imagine.  That being said, who knows, maybe I find a new passion, blabbing away each day….we’ll see.   Cheers,   Adam Kilbourn 🙂