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Action Action ReAction

By January 19, 2014September 10th, 2015Stuff

Action Action ReAction


Our friends ROCK!  Yesterday we once again got to play in the world of Action Action!  We got to shoot in an airplane!  Car chases galore!   Heck Yeah!  None of this would be possible without the help of some amazing people.  Special thanks to Rick Nelson at Land Rover of Las Vegas.  Special thanks to the boys at Sin City BMW, Chris Willett, Aaron Ortega, Hugh Mason, EZ Ortega & Robin Willett.  Special thanks to camera whiz’s London Mace and Scottie Minshall.  Special thanks to the rest of our rad friends who came out to play, Will Adamson, Joe Wittenwiler, Pat Quinn, Jeff Hensley, Scott Gilmore, Angel, Frank Ainsworth, Rob Winch, Amelio Soto & Shana Dahan.  This project is still very much in development, but we’ve got big plans for the future, stay tuned.




Adam Kilbourn 🙂