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Tascam DR 680 Field Recorder Review & How I Power It

By January 1, 2014September 11th, 2015Reviews


Sound Equipment! Nothing is more important to video than good sound.   That sounds crazy, I know, but watch a video with crappy sound and notice how unhappy it makes you. You’ll watch a video with shaky video and terrible shots, but you’ll change the channel if you can’t hear what is going on. For a while now I’ve had the pleasure of owning the Tascam DR-680 Portable Field Recorder. I primarily bought it for the additional channels it gave me to record on, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised with some of the other less noticeable features. I also include tips on how I power the unit and use it in the field.


Tascam DR 680


NP 970 Maximal Power Batteries


DV-90R Mini DV Stand-Alone Power Adaptor


LCD Battery Charger for Sony NP970 (Display is completely inaccurate, but it is a quick charger)


UPDATE: I much prefer this dual charger for the Sony NP970’s:


Petrol PS601 Deca Eargonizer (Small) – Black (bought mine off Ebay for $160)





Adam Kilbourn 🙂

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  • Dave Patterson says:

    Thanks for your review. I own the DR680 and want to find a reliable alternative to the 8 AA batteries. How do you achieve 12v operation from the NP570 batteries, which are rated at 7.4v?

    • akilbourn says:

      Hi Dave! I walk through what I use in the video. The cup from Hawkwoods is an up converter. It takes the 7.4V and regulates it to 12V. I can’t explain the science behind it, but it does work quite well. Each on the of NP970(7200mAh) batteries I use will run between 8-10 hours [your NP570 (2200mAh) should last you about 3 hours, but I would test them]. Two to three batteries will easily get you through the whole day. There are cheaper versions around than the Hawkwoods cup, but I can’t speak on them knowledgeably.