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PolarPro ND/PL Filter vs DJI ND Filter – Phantom 4

By July 19, 2016August 19th, 2016Reviews, Stuff

PolarPro ND8/PL Filter (Cinema Series: Vivid) vs DJI ND8 Filter.  We purchased the PolarPro Cinema Series: Vivid collection of filters for our Phantom 4 drone.  After some basic tinkering with the PP filters, we got some great images. That said, we noticed a tint to the image and wanted to compare these to other filters to see how they performed.  We purchased the DJI ND8 and compared it to the PolarPro ND8/PL filter, the results are surprising.

The biggest takeaway for us was the tint that the PolarPro left on the images.  When compared to the DJI, the PolarPro colors have a noticeable tint and are less vibrant.  It may be something that a colorist could deal with in post, but for us, it’s a deal breaker for the PolarPro filters.  At the moment, we’ll be using the DJI filter’s moving forward.

UPDATE: We compared the DJI ND16 to the PolarPro ND8-PL to see what we could see.  The DJI ND filters continue to look better in the sky with a more natural fall off.  We’re sending the PolarPro’s back for a refund.