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Sun Surveyor – This Thing Rocks!

By November 17, 2014September 22nd, 2015Reviews
Sun Surveyor Screen Shot VR

Sun Surveyor Screen Shot Virtual Reality

Holy Moly does the sun speed by.  On set, chasing the light is a constant battle and if you’ve been on location and had to deal with buildings or a nearby mountain, you know how frustrating the local sunrise/sunset report can be. I live next to a large mountain range and this is a constant problem for me.  I’ve lost the light on several occasions because I planned the day by what a website says instead of putting actual eyeballs on the location.

Sun Surveyor Screen Shot Compass

Sun Surveyor Screen Shot Compass

Sun trackers have been out for a few years with iPhone’s, but I use an Android and didn’t realize that they were available for me to use.  After some searching, I came across the Sun Surveyor by Adam Ratana.  It’s amazing.  This awesome app has a 3D compass, a Map feature, and my favorite, a Virtual Reality mode that uses your phones camera to overlay where the sun is going to be at any given time.  No more guessing, simply point the camera at the building or mountain in your way and see exactly when the sun is going to sneak behind it.  Wondering where the sun will be at a certain time in the day, done!  What angle?  Done!  This thing is awesome.  And it’s only $6.49! (they have a free version, but it doesn’t have the VR on it).

Sun Surveyor Screen Shot - Lite

Sun Surveyor Screen Shot – Lite Homepage

 Very cool tool that I will be using a lot going forward.  Mr. Ratana, you have my thanks.



Adam  Kilbourn 🙂