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19 Jul 2016

PolarPro ND/PL Filter vs DJI ND Filter – Phantom 4

PolarPro ND8/PL Filter (Cinema Series: Vivid) vs DJI ND8 Filter.  We purchased the PolarPro Cinema Series: Vivid collection of filters for our Phantom 4 drone.  After some basic tinkering with the PP filters, we got some great images. That said, we noticed a tint to the image and wanted to compare these to other filters to see how they performed.  We purchased the DJI ND8 and compared it to the PolarPro ND8/PL filter, the results are surprising. The biggest takeaway […]

13 Jan 2015

Speakers – Yamaha HS7 vs. HS5 vs. Presonus Eris E5

First, I’m not a sound guy.  I know enough about this to know I’m doing a lot of things incorrectly with setup, testing, etc.  That being said I learned some things as I bought and tried out these various speakers that may be useful to someone looking for themselves. Yamaha HS7   Yamaha HS5   Presonus Eris E5   eStudioStar on Ebay where I bought my HS7’s from.   Cheers,   Adam Kilbourn 🙂

08 Jan 2015

Wireless Directors Monitor Review! Nyrius, Small HD, P&C, Nanuk

  I have wanted a wireless director’s monitor for some time now. When your cameraman sets up his/her shots, you see glimpses of the framing he does, but those looks are quick and the screen is tiny, typically 3 inches or so. Setting up a video village with a larger screen for the director is awesome, and doing it wirelessly lets you lose the dangerous cables lying around.   I’ve been stalking the Paralinx and Radeon systems and as I […]

17 Nov 2014

Sun Surveyor – This Thing Rocks!

Holy Moly does the sun speed by.  On set, chasing the light is a constant battle and if you’ve been on location and had to deal with buildings or a nearby mountain, you know how frustrating the local sunrise/sunset report can be. I live next to a large mountain range and this is a constant problem for me.  I’ve lost the light on several occasions because I planned the day by what a website says instead of putting actual eyeballs […]

01 Jan 2014

Tascam DR 680 Field Recorder Review & How I Power It

  Sound Equipment! Nothing is more important to video than good sound.   That sounds crazy, I know, but watch a video with crappy sound and notice how unhappy it makes you. You’ll watch a video with shaky video and terrible shots, but you’ll change the channel if you can’t hear what is going on. For a while now I’ve had the pleasure of owning the Tascam DR-680 Portable Field Recorder. I primarily bought it for the additional channels it gave […]

30 Dec 2013

Kietacam G1 Portable Jib Review

  Kietacam G1 Portable Jib Review.  I bought the Kietacam G1 Jib about 9 months ago and have been quite happy with it.  Here is a quick review of the Jib and some of its features.   Kietacam G1 Portable Jib http://kietacam.com/en/kietacam-g1-3/   Cheers,   Adam Kilbourn 🙂