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Playing Ping Pong with Phil Mickelson

By December 28, 2013September 11th, 2015Stuff

Ping Pong with Phil Mickelson


I recently had the chance to be a part of a national Callaway Golf commercial shooting here in Las Vegas.  Callaway brought in 10 different pros to be a part of the three days worth of shooting, it was a massive project with more than 150 people on six different crews.  The shoot itself was a great project, I was the Props Master and I got to work with an amazing Director (Chris Stanford) and DP (Mark Williams).  The grace and speed with which these two worked was really something to watch, they had fun and kept things light, all the while moving quickly and with purpose.


One of the highlights for me was an impromptu game of Ping Pong that I got to play with Phil Mickelson.  Phil is an avid competitor and he has a love for Ping Pong.  I’ve knocked a ball or two around in my day and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to challenge him to a game.  I wish I could say I beat him, (he ended up beating me 9-11) but I can say that he was a great sportsman and it was a pleasure hanging out with him for the afternoon.




Adam Kilbourn 🙂