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Location Scouting!

By April 10, 2015September 22nd, 2015Projects

Morning Black Bird

 We have a client coming to town for a car shoot and they’re looking for a location to capture the sunrise over the Las Vegas desert. That doesn’t sound difficult, but images with a car in the foreground and the desert and sunrise in the background that are still close to town and our location aren’t the easiest to come by. Red Rock doesn’t open with enough time to get set up, anything closer and you inevitably have power lines or cityscape in the background ruining your shot, or you find the perfect place and realize there is no way you’re getting a vehicle there without a helicopter. Time to start scouting!

Taking photos during the day will give you a sense of what it might look like, but being there in person at the crack of dawn is always best.  So this morning I got up a bit earlier than usual and went hunting. I was in luck and found a spot fairly close to our location that I think will fit perfectly.  Below are some photos from my trip with the Black Bird lit up in all her glory. Cheers, Adam 🙂

 BR5D7582 BR5D7629 BR5D7638