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Price Mistake? Western Digital 2 TB External Hard Drive ONLY $25!

By October 29, 2014November 4th, 2014Stuff

Not sure if Adorama is going to honor this, but they’re selling 1TB and 2 TB drives for only $25 on Amazon!  Only certain colors are affected, but if they do honor them, this is the cheapest I’ve ever seen these things.  – Adam 🙂


Amazon WD 2TB 25

UPDATE: Crazy sale!  Within an hour it’s done.  I ended up buying a bunch, now I have to wait and see if they are honored by Adorama.  Fingers cross! 🙂


UPDATE II: Nope! ADORAMA SUCKS!! Not only did they NOT honor their listing price, they told Amazon that I CANCELLED the order!  What?!?  I certainly did not cancel the order, the fact that they lied to Amazon is about as ridiculous as you can get!  At least man up and be honest about your OWN mistake, saying that I cancelled the order is total BS.  I called Adorama and asked if there was anything they could do, some sort of discount, something.  Nope, nada, nothing, zilch.  Whatever, I’ll be buying from somewhere else in the future!