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Thor (Ragnarok) Vs Wonder Woman (Justice League) | Found Footage!

By November 11, 2017Stuff

We’ve teamed up again with the amazingly talented Ismahawk for a new super hero piece, “Thor (Ragnarok) Vs Wonder Woman (Justice League) | Found Footage!”  Danny Shepard and Jeremy Le were the driving force behind this piece, I’m thoroughly impressed with the amount of pre-planning that went into this one.  It was set up to be a found footage, single take shot, from start to finish.  To just pull that off is something, but to do it as well as they did is just crazy.  The special effects that were added afterwards are top notch.  From the exploding D to the lighting bolts to the atmospheric touches, they all blend seamlessly to add a sense of realism that a lot of Hollywood studios would be hard pressed to match.   Angela Domanico does a great job as Wonder Woman and Tony Smith is fantastic as Thor.  Take a moment and watch this fun filled adventure and let us know what you think.

Thor (Ragnarok) Vs Wonder Woman (Justice League) | Found Footage


Adam 🙂


P.S. A behind the scenes video will be created soon, stay tuned.