26 Sep 2014

Fun Month: Samsung, Arri Amira and the Undateables!

I’ve had a great time this last month working on several projects, including a few that weren’t my own. Las Vegas hosts other production companies from time to time and this last month I’ve had the pleasure of being hired on as a “Fixer” for a Samsung commercial and an episode of Channel 4‘s show “The Undateables.” A fixer is a local producer that helps with all the stuff that an out of town company is going to need while […]

09 Sep 2014

Amazon Studios Storybuilder is Freaking Awesome!

I try writing from time to time, but I have always wanted an easier process, something like a notecard/corkboard set up, but digital. My handwriting is crap so writing on notecards is only so-so successful, and I always find it frustratingly slow when I want to reorder things. So when I started to write a new action script, I started searching for a better way and came across Amazon Studios Storybuilder. Holy crap it’s awesome!  Yes, Celtx and others have […]

28 Aug 2014

None of the Above Season 2! Done!

Season 2 is in the bag! OK, it was actually a month ago we finished production on Season 2 of None of the Above, but we’ve been busy with other projects since then and I haven’t had a chance to write about it. All in all, Season 2 was even better than Season 1. I know the production improved overall, the show is finding its voice and we kicked up the experiments a notch this year.   It’s a lot of […]

17 Jul 2014

Our Favorite Girl – Shana Emily Dahan

  “Sha-Sha!” as we like to call her, is a BADASS.  For the past couple of years she has been pushing herself and inspiring us with all the crazy stuff she does.  At the same time she was starring in our action films, Alien Tequila videos, product tutorials and commercials, while simultaneously launching a fashion blog and becoming a boudoir spokes model, Shana took on a full tilt fitness journey getting into the best shape of her life.  Here is […]

17 Jun 2014

ReAction! – Land Rover Style

  Action! Action! ReAction!  Heck Yeah!  A few months ago we went back and played in the world of Action! Action!  We had use of a plane for the day (YES A PLANE!) and decided upon a a quick storyline that we could shoot in a day.  This commercial for Land Rover of Las Vegas is part of that footage.  Take a minute to watch and tell us what you think.  We’re working on how to turn this whole Action! […]

06 May 2014

Season 2 – National Geographic “None of the Above”

  As some of you may know, last year I was the Casting Producer for the National Geographic show “None of the Above,” (the show is playing in over 120 countries including the US).  The entire experience was awesome.  A pop science show, we got to play with liquid nitrogen, massive potato guns, shattering glass, centrifugal forces, blowing up sheds, safes and barrels galore.  The crew was great to work with, and I was sad to see it all end […]

28 Mar 2014

The Alien Tequila Chronicles!

  The Alien Tequila Chronicles!  Our third installment of Alien Tequila awesomeness, The Alien Tequila Chronicles is one of our most ambitious projects yet. Lasers, Kung Fu and Aliens, what more could you want? This has been a passion project for us with many friends helping along the way to make it all happen. Special thanks to Jim May for his amazing visual effects. Special thanks to London Mace for his ridiculously awesome music score. Special thanks to all our […]

28 Feb 2014

Alien Tequila Chronicles Release Party

  We are very proud to announce the Alien Tequila Chronicles Release Party happening on March 13th, 2014 at 7:00pm at Mundo inside the World Market Center. This has been a passion project for us with many friends helping along the way to make it all happen. Special thanks to Jim May for his amazing special effects. Special thanks to London Mace for his ridiculously awesome music score.  Special thanks to all our friends who came out to help make […]

24 Jan 2014


  Did I mention our friends rock!  London Mace, Graphic Design Evangelist, lead singer for Heavy Honey and all around great guy, created this amazing image for us.  We are so thankful we get to call him friend.   Cheers,   Adam Kilbourn 🙂

19 Jan 2014

Action Action ReAction

  Our friends ROCK!  Yesterday we once again got to play in the world of Action Action!  We got to shoot in an airplane!  Car chases galore!   Heck Yeah!  None of this would be possible without the help of some amazing people.  Special thanks to Rick Nelson at Land Rover of Las Vegas.  Special thanks to the boys at Sin City BMW, Chris Willett, Aaron Ortega, Hugh Mason, EZ Ortega & Robin Willett.  Special thanks to camera whiz’s London Mace […]